Specialty: Computer Mathematics and System Analysis
Qualification: Mathematician. System Analyst

Taking the course “Computer mathematics and system analysis” students become specialists-practicians in the most promising field of production, i.e. information technologies and research developments.

Specialists qualified as “Mathematician. System analyst” are required in the most complicated projects to solve the problems of modelling, designing as well as coordinating the activity of programmers and engineers. Thus, it is no surprise that two or three years later a graduate of “Computer mathematics and system analysis” becomes a head of a department. Specialists having such qualification are in demand in the sphere of economics, planning and state management. A graduate of the specialization “Computer mathematics and system analysis” can, of course, work as a programmer, but in this case the chances for the promotion will be greater compared to those of his/her co-workers. For ten years of the existence of the specialization its graduates have enjoyed the interest of the large national companies, as well as some foreign companies.

The students of the specialization “Computer mathematics and system analysis” take part in different international projects and are provided with the possibility to visit famous European universities.

Even now more than ten students go to Germany every year, and the students taking Master course in “Computer mathematics and system analysis” study for half a year at the cost of the inviting party according to the joint program of MMF and the Faculty of Mathematics of  Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany).

The leading research institutes and laboratories of Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Russia are interested in our best graduates; they work also in the Belarusian State University, National Academy of Sciences and some leading national companies.

The specialization is distinguished by the unique combination of studying the latest software, information technologies and the most important branches of mathematics. The graduates easily participate in complicated industrial projects due to studying the courses of system analysis, programming, data bases, as well as processing systems and manysided analysis of information, the means of integration of non-uniform software products, computer graphics and even the elements of artificial intellect. The theoretical basis of fundamental knowledge of the students is formed in the most modern fields of analysis, algebra, geometry and equations. The courses of computer and mathematical modelling combine the theory with practical work. The profound study of the course “Computer mathematics and system analysis” allows to apply efficiently the obtained knowledge for solving the real industrial problems.

The teachers of the highest scientific qualification of the BSU as well as the invited specialists from the leading Belarusian enterprises work with the students of “Computer mathematics and system analysis”. The classes with the teachers and research workers from other universities and from abroad are organized on permanent basis. The level of training allows the students of junior courses to find the job according to their speciality, and to take part in the international scientific seminars, workshops and conferences and to become even the winners of international competitions.