Specialty: Mathematics
Direction: Economic activity
Qualification: Mathematician. Mathematician-economist

The basis of the educational process is the fundamental mathematical courses taught at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty such as Higher Algebra and Number Theory, Analytic Geometry, Differential Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations. Also a significant amount of training students is carried out in the field of Information Technologies and Programming (C++, Java, C# and ASP.NET).

In addition, the Program include Theoretical Economics courses – Basis of Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Enterprise Finance Management, Accounting, as well as modern courses in Stochastic Financial Mathematics, Constructing of Mathematical Models of Financial Markets and its forecasting. These disciplines are provided by the specialists of the Economic Theory Department of the Faculty of Economics of BSU.

Graduates will be able to work as professional mathematicians in research departments and laboratories of various enterprises, as well as economists and mathematicians in organizations related to economic and financial activities – banks, insurance companies, real estate agencies, etc.