Specialty: Mathematics
Direction: Science-Design Activity
Qualification: Mathematician. Designer of software and hardware systems

The creation of more and more different software and hardware nanoelectronic information processing systems for all areas of human activity is admittedly the most urgent problem of the 21st century. Training of specialists-mathematicians who are able to find the most effective solutions for complex software and hardware systems for information processing and management is carried out only at our faculty.

The Program is recognized as meeting all the requirements for training specialists in the field of modern IT-technologies. It includes basic mathematical disciplines, courses in discrete mathematics, graph theory and algorithms, mathematical cybernetics, methods for minimizing logical functions, automata theory, disciplines on learning standard and special programming languages (С, С ++, SystemC, VHDL, VERILOG) and the newest automated design tools of Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Xilinx, as well as courses on studying the components and architectures of the latest information processing systems.

In addition to classes of personal computers there is a specialized class of workstations to perform laboratory works, term papers and diploma paper by students.