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Specialty: Mathematics
Direction: Science-Industrial Activity
Qualification: Mathematician

The faculty has been training mathematicians in Science-Industrial direction since its foundation. The students have not only the classical courses in Mathematics but also in Information Technologies and Media.

A modern mathematician is a person who knows how to solve complex problems related to processing large volumes of difficult and diverse information. He is able to correctly and systematically organize the process of thinking, to see the possible ways of problem solution. If you are determined to do Mathematics, get deep knowledge, develop logical thinking and use it all through complicated tasks, welcome to us! The academics with large experience of participation in international research work and projects will lead you through The World of Math. The latest computers and professional software are always at hand.

Our students gain profound knowledge in the field of computer technologies, study modern programming languages (C ++, Java, C# and ASP.NET technologies), web-programming, the latest computer programs and packages (Microsoft Visual Studio, Wolfram Mathematica, etc.). Highly qualified academic staff with extensive knowledge and experience in participating in international scientific projects and research works with our students.

The graduates have a large field to apply their knowledge. They can be scientists, programmers, economists, analysts, businessmen etc. Qualification of Mathematics gives large opportunities. Our graduates are offered jobs in such prestigious companies as EPAM Systems, Itransition, HiQo Solutions, IBA Group, Qulix Systems, ScienceSoft and many others. Besides, they can apply for a job in colleges, research centers, plants, banks.

Besides academic mathematical disciplines you can learn something new in art, sport, and management. You can meet interesting people, make friends and simply broaden up outlook.