Specialty: Mathematics
Direction: Science-Pedagogical Activity
Qualification: Mathematician. Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science

What are the distinctive features of studying for the specialty “Mathematics (Science-Pedagogical Activity)” of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty in comparison with the similar specialties of pedagogical universities? Classes in the group, beginning with the first year, are conducted by the academic staff of the faculty taking into account the specifics of the future work of the graduates.

A separate block of disciplines, which include Psychology, Pedagogy, Methodology of Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, is prepared in the Program. Within the framework of these courses, Elementary Mathematics is comprehensively studied from the point of view of its foundations, the connection with higher mathematics and methods of solving problems of varying difficulties. Students undergo pedagogical practice under the guidance of teachers of Mathematicsor Computer Science of Minsk city schools. Also the Program covers such mathematical courses as: Higher Algebra and Number Theory, Analytic Geometry, Differential Geometry, Topology, Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Optimization Methods, Numerical Methods, Programming (Pacsal, C++).

As a result, the graduate gets access to the basic mathematical education, which is a guarantee of his demand for work as a Mathematics and Computer Science teacher not only in schools, but also in Higher Education and Secondary Special Educational Institutions. Might as well you can teach others at firms and companies.

Then, the Program at MMF has a lot of advantages over the one at pedagogical universities. It provides students with a deep upgraded material in Mathematics. Going through the courses you gain and develop creative thinking, become able to solve various professional tasks in different ways.

The MMF has been training specialists in Science-Pedagogical directin since its establishment and our graduates are more highly rated than the ones from pedagogical universities.