Specialty: Mathematics and Information Technologies
Direction: Web-Programming and Internet Technologies
Qualification: Mathematician. IT-specialist

It is a matter of common knowledge that the best specialists in the field of software engineering are mathematicians because, besides special knowledge, they possess analytical thinking and the ability of quick learning and finding the solutions of the new problems. Therefore a distinguishing feature of the specialization: “Web-Programming and Internet Technologies” is the combination of teaching fundamental mathematical subjects, modern technologies and programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, PHP, .NET, J2EE,XML, UML and others.

The project managers and the leading specialists of IT companies engaged in software projects and the development of their architecture must know well the fields of the science dealing with Mathematics as well as Programming. And our graduates really prove to be highly educated and skilled specialists.

It is for this reason that the students of “Web-Programming and Internet Technologies” take the courses of Algorythmics, Cryptography, the Theory of Information Protection, Discrete Mathematics, Operation Investigations, the Theory of Optimal Decisions, etc.

The Department of Numerical Methods and Programming which is responsible for this specialization has close contacts with the leading IT companies of Belarus (in particular with EPAM Systems, IBA, BELHARD, HIQo Solutions, VPI Development Center, SAM Solutions). The specialists of these companies participate in the courses and workshops which are held for the students. Many courses are designed taking into account the requirements of these cooperating companies. As a result the students are ready to participate in real projects and this allows the second- and third-year students to take part in writing commercial software products.

One thing is sure that our students have the only problem of employment – to choose one out of thousands of job opportunities offered by different companies, firms and organization.

If your aim is to become a mathematician and to carry out investigations here you will be able to use your abilities in full and to achieve success.

Our basic subjects are Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Cybernetics, Combinatorics, the Theory of Algorithms, Discrete Optimization, Numerical Methods. These subjects are the most exciting and rapidly-developing fields of modern Mathematics.

Our best undergraduate students have scientific publications, master courses and post-graduate students constantly take part in scientific symposia and conferences, in joint projects with foreign universities.

Our Department has actively cooperated with the scientific centers and universities in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, France, Austria, Check Republic and other countries. Specialists are trained for IT companies, who work out software engineering and complex programming solutions on the basis of modern Information Technologies. Our graduates can work in government bodies, at plants, in banks, in firms and in IT research centers.