5 semester


Course Title

Methodology of teaching mathematics


Year of study,speciality 

3, Speciality – “Mathematics”, focus area: “scientific and pedagogical activity”


Semester of study



Credit points



Name of the lecturer, scientific degree, occupation

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Churbanau  Yuri Dmitrievich


Goals of studying

1) ensuring the students’ deep understanding of the scientific and psychological pedagogical foundations of the structure and content of the mathematics course in secondary schools, the methodological ideas laid down in this course;
2) development of practical skills for students to conduct educational work at the level of the requirements of secondary school reform;
3) the formation in future teachers of the ability to solve problems of teaching mathematics, as well as the skills of independent analysis of the learning process.
As a result of the study, the student should be able to:
– Develop and draw up a plan-summary of the lesson, optional, circle;
– to plan the work of the teacher;
– Conduct an analysis of the lesson plan;
– conduct an analysis of the conduct of the lesson, faculty.



Psychology, pedagogy



Questions relating to the general methodology are considered: the main problems of the didactics of mathematics, its subject and connection with other sciences; concept, its content and scope, definition of the concept; mathematical problems, their role in teaching mathematics, the basic methods of solving problems; theorems of the school course of mathematics, the methods of their proof and the methodology for their study; basic principles of the didactics of mathematics; organization of the learning process in school; out-of-class work in mathematics.


Recommended literature

1.             Ananchenko K.O. General methodology of teaching mathematics in school: Textbook. allowance. – Mn: University, 1997. – 94 p.

2.              Didactics of secondary school / Ed. MN Skatkina. – Moscow: Prosveshchenie, 1982. – 324 p.

3.              Methods of teaching mathematics in secondary school: A private methodology: Textbook. manual / A.Ya. Bloch [and others]; comp. VLMishin. – Moscow: Enlightenment, 1987. – 416 p.

4.             Novik I.A. Workshop on methods of teaching mathematics. MN: Education i upbringing, 1997. – 244 p..

5.             Okon B. Introduction to the general didactics. – M: “High School”, 1990. – 382s.


Teaching methodology

A comparative, problematic, heuristic, visual, method of shaping the personal significance of knowledge


Language of instruction  



Requirements for study during the semester

– test papers
-reports at Seminars
The assessment on the exam is set taking into account: 30% of the work in seminars and practical work, 70% – verbal response


Examination methodology