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Computer Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Programme Duration

* On the basis of 5 years long Bachelor's Study.
** On the basis of 4 years long Bachelor's Study

Degree: Master of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The system analyst is a specialist who is able to qualitatively formalize and quantitatively interpretate the processes and phenomena, using various methods and ways for evaluating the model formed. He can look at the problem from different sides and see the whole process as a single unit. The analyst is able to assess the strengths and weaknesses, calculate all possible risks and losses, and also make an informed forecast for the further state of the problem. BSU and Magdeburg University of Otto-von-Guericke carry out a co-operative training of undergraduates, within this trainings students have the opportunity to study in Germany for 5 months at the expense of the host country.


  • Actual problems of applied system analysis
  • The construction of models of real phenomena and processes
  • Analysis of distributed web-systems
  • Adaptive Systems
  • Analysis and modeling of information systems
  • Neural network modeling in Matlab
  • Computer Mathematical Environment for Analysis of Systems and Processes
  • Modern computer English
  • Pedagogy and psychology of the higher school