1 semester


Course title

Operating environment Linux, Android, iOS.


Course of Study, Speciality

1, 1-31 81 07 Mathematical and Software Support for Mobile Devices (2 years)









Velchenko Sergey Alexandrovich


Course goal

Explore the operating environment of Linux, Android, iOS and its interaction with the user. Get the basic skills of writing settings, understand the principles of operation, the internal device Linux, iOS, Android and the basic approaches to work in these environments.





Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Linux. Installation. User interface.
  2. Basic knowledge of system administration.
  3. Print management. File systems.
  4. Basic knowledge of working in the network. Configuring a network distributed file system. Network security.
  5. Configuring the LILO bootloader. Configure X-Window.
  6. Logging in and shutting down correctly.
  7. Process management. Basic knowledge on troubleshooting.
  8. Management of logical partitions of the disk subsystem. Network configuration. Configuring the Network Information Interaction Service. Configuring the kernel.
  9. Backup and restore.
  10. Introduction to the Android environment.
  11. Android and the daily life of the user.
  12. Characteristics of cloud services
  13. The essence of data collection, synchronization, backup and recovery
  14. Characteristics of system utilities. Device: its maintenance
  15. Characteristics of the protection of information and devices
  16. The essence of the service and the system
  17. Full data transfer of iOS devices
  18. Complete transfer of iOS device data
  19. Installing and activating iOS device applications
  20. Transferring contacts, calendar, notes, tasks
  21. Download ringtones, movies, music, books
  22. Peripheral equipment configuration (AppleTV, AirPort, WiFi, printers, modems). Reset the device to the factory settings.
  23. Updating the software
  24. Creating and registering an Apple ID account
  25. Configure e-mail, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp
  26. Transferring files. Checking the device for compliance with warranty conditions.
  27. Installing cloud storage (creating and configuring cloud services).
  28. Setting the parental control. Create and register e-mail. Reset your Apple ID password, mail and other accounts.
  29. Installing the navigation application. Setting up access to the Internet.
  30. Activating the Apple device.


Recommended Literature

  1. Samuel, S. Programming Kotlin / Stephen Samuel,‎ Stefan Bocutiu – Birmingham: Packt, 2017. – 420 p.
  2. Jemerov, D. Kotlin in Action / Dmitry Jemerov,‎ Svetlana Isakova – New York: Manning Publications, 2017. – 360 p.
  3. Kotlin and Android [Электронный ресурс] – Электронные данные. –  Режим доступа: https://developer.android.com/kotlin/index.html.
  4. Smyth, N. Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials. Kotlin Edition / Neil Smyth – Charleston: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. – 740 p.
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Teaching Methods

Problematic, project


Teaching language



Requirements, current control

  • testing;
  • check of laboratory works


Method of certification