1 semester

Contemporary problems in Mathematics and Computer Science

Cryptography and computer security

Machine Learning

Math Statistics

Scala technology

.Net Technologies

Modern technologies and programming languages

Functional Programming

Quantum Computers

Design Patterns

User interface design and prototyping

Thin client technologies

2 semester

Analysis and design of business processes

Game theory and operations research

AWS and cloud technologies

Computer modelling

Service oriented architecture and corporate integration (ESB)

Java EE technology

Designing and developing highly loaded services

Mathematical models in information technology

Interacting with Embedded Devices

Internet of Things

Pedagogy and Psychology of the Higher School

3 semester

Современный компьютерный английский язык

Analysis and design of information systems

Интеллектуальный анализ данных

4 semester

Современный компьютерный английский язык

SEO-optimisation and Internet-marketing

Business analysis