Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Specialty: Mechanics and mathematical modeling.
Qualification: Mechanic. Applied mathematician.
Code: 6-05-0533-13

If you like mechanics, applied and fundamental mathematics, information technology and computer modeling, this specialty is for you!

The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics is the only faculty in the Republic that trains theoretical mechanics with a deep mathematical basis and a wide range of knowledge in the field of information technology.

During your studies, you will gain in-depth knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics, programming and information technology and, of course, various sections and areas of classical and modern mechanics.

Mastery of knowledge and skills in a wide range of special disciplines in various areas of classical and modern mechanics, such as mechanics of deformable solids, hydraulic and aeromechanics, computer mechanics, geomechanics, bio- and nanomechanics, corresponding to the development trends of world science, a significant amount of training in the field computer science, programming and IT technologies, robotics and CAD technologies will help you become an excellent specialist in demand in various industries, the IT industry, research institutions and universities.

The specialty “Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling” is a unique combination of fundamental knowledge in the field of mechanics, serious mathematical training and highly professional programming skills. The quality of graduate training is well known not only in Belarus, but also in leading countries of the world. Students have the opportunity to continue their education at renowned European universities and Chinese universities.

With the leading university of China – Dalian Polytechnic University, joint training of specialists with training and internships in China has been opened.

Graduate departments: Department of Bio- and Nanomechanics; Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.