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MMF English Club was created at the Department of the English language of the faculties of natural sciences.

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MMF English Club provides students with an opportunity to combine their knowledge of English with rigorous academic study. We seek to develop in each member of the club the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the improvement of their professional skills and for the promotion of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty and the BSU on the international arena.

Club members present the results of their work (projects, reports, presentations, articles) at international conferences and competitions, thereby demonstrating their knowledge, both in the field of their major and in the field of English.

Participating in the MMF English Club students learn:

  • to work with information in English
  • to research into the topics that interest them using English as a support tool
  • to write articles on scientific topics in English
  • to make oral presentations and reports on the topics of their own research
  • to present the results of their research to an audience for discussion

If you are a member of MMF community

  • creative
  • hard-working
  • motivated
  • interested in scientific research
  • ready to participate in the debate, panel discussions, conferences and competitions 

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Club chairman Kashkan Tatsiana
Phone number: +375 33 600-80-84 (A1)

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