Bio- and nanomechanics department


Head of Department: Professor, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics – Gennadi I. Mikhasev

Department staff: 2 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 1 Senior lecturer

Specialization: biomechanics.

The main disciplines of specialization:

  • Theory of elasticity;
  • Physics;
  • Basics of information technologies;
  • Introduction to biomechanics;
  • Basics of nanomechanics;
  • Biomechanical models of human sensory systems;
  • Biomechanics of locomotor system;
  • Methods of mechanics in micro- and nanotechnologies;
  • Contact mechanics;
  • Digital processing of bio- and nanoscale signal and image;
  • Computer mechanics;
  • Physics and mathematics basics of finite element method;
  • Theory of vibration and stability of thin shells;
  • Asymptotic techniques in mechanics;
  • Hierarchical fracture mechanics;
  • Statistical mechanics and chaos;
  • Human as a system.

Scientific directions of the department:

  • Numerical methods in mechanics,  Finite element method;
  • Computer mechanics;
  • Biomechanics;
  • Nanomechanics;
  • Solid mechanics;
  • Information-measuring systems.