Differential equations and system analysis department


Head of Department: Professor, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics – Valery I. Gromak

Department staff: 4 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Teachers, 5 Assistants

Official website of Computer Mathematics and System Analysis Program (in German)

Scientific directions of the department

  • Analytical theory of differential equations;
  • Qualitative theory of differential equations;
  • Asymptotic theory of differential equations;
  • Computer mathematics;
  • System analysis.


  • Differential equations;
  • Computer mathematics;
  • System analysis.

Disciplines taught the department

  • Computer Mathematics;
  • Differential Equations;
  • Databases;
  • Applied System Analysis;
  • Mathematical basics of information security;
  • Neural networks and genetic algorithms;
  • Parallel Computing and Algorithms;
  • Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes.