Function theory department


Head of Department: Professor, D.Sc. in Pedagogics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics – Natalia V. Brovka

Department Staff: 4 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 6 Senior Lecturers, 4 Assistants

Scientific directions:

  • boundary-value problems of the analytic function theory and their applications;
  • function spaces;
  • approximation theory;
  • harmonic analysis;
  • integral operators and equations;
  • mathematical analysis applications;
  • methods of teaching mathematical analysis and the theory of functions of a complex variable


  • Mathematical Analysis;
  • Theory of functions of a complex variable;
  • Integral Equations.

Basic Courses:

  • boundary-value problems of analytic functions theory;
  • Sobolev spaces;
  • Hardy spaces;
  • basics of approximation theory;
  • integral operators;
  • interpolation of linear operators;
  • singular integral operators;
  • integral equations and its applications in mechanics;
  • fractional calculus and its applications;
  • partial differential equations of fractional order;
  • rational approximation;
  • singular integral equations;
  • special function;
  • applications of mathematical analysis
  • orthogonal series theory;
  • Fourier transform and wavelets theory;
  • Methods of teaching mathematical analysis;
  • Methods of teaching the theory of functions of a complex variable.