Geometry, topology and mathematics teaching methodology department


Head of Department: Professor, Academician, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics – Vyacheslav I. Yanchevsky

Department staff: 3 Professors, 8 Associate professors, 1 Senior Lecturers, 1 assistant


  • geometry and topology;
  • methods of teaching mathematics.

The main disciplines of specialization:

  • geometry of projective algebraic manifolds
  • schemes and cohomological methods in algebraic geometry
  • homological methods of algebra in geometry and topology
  • methods of teaching mathematics
  • geometry of non-Euclidean and generalized symmetric spaces
  • structural theory of Lie groups and algebras
  • homogenous spaces of Lie groups and invariant structures on them
  • theory of topological spaces and their mappings
  • topological constructions
  • topology of Menger and Nebeling manifolds

Research directions:

  • Geometry and arithmetic of algebraic manifolds and schemes;
  • Homogeneous spaces of Lie groups and invariant structures on them;
  • Geometric topology;
  • Structures and constructions of topological spaces