Higher algebra and information security department


The department was founded in 1938.

Head of Department: Professor, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics – Valery V. Benyash-Krivets

Department staff: 4 Professors, 7 Associate professors, 1 Senior lecturer

Research area

  • combinatorial group theory;
  • linear and algebraic groups;
  • metric number theory;
  • formations of groups and algebraic systems;
  • Galois theory;
  • quadratic forms;
  • geometric representation theory of finite generated groups;
  • profinite groups
  • Central simple algebras
  • Brauer groups of fields
  • Severi-Brauer varieties
  • The arithmetic of algebraic groups
  • Combinatorics of partially ordered sets
  • Teaching methods of mathematics in higher school and university
  • Mathematical Olympiads


  • algebra and number theory;
  • mathematical foundation of information security

Main courses taught

  • Group theory;
  • Fields theory and Galois theory;
  • Number-theoretic foundation of cryptography;
  • Algorithms in number theory and cryptography;
  • Groebner basis;
  • Error-correcting codes;
  • Elliptic curves over finite fields and cryptographic transformations;
  • Methods of factorizations and discrete logarithms methods;
  • Symmetric cryptosystems;
  • Group formations theory;
  • Hyperelliptic curves over finite fields;
  • Representation theory of groups;
  • Diophantine approximations and their applications;
  • The theory of quadratic forms.