Higher algebra and information security department


The department was founded in 1938.

Head of Department: Professor, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics – Valery V. Benyash-Krivets

Department staff: 3 Professors, 7 Associate professors, 1 Senior lecturer

Scientific directions:

  • combinatorial group theory;
  • geometric representation theory of finitely generated groups;
  • theory of modules for module
  • linear and algebraic groups;
  • metric number theory;
  • theory of Diophantine approximations
  • theory of group formations and algebraic systems;
  • Galois theory;
  • theory of quadratic forms;
  • theory of finite-dimensional algebra
  • rings and modules
  • solvability of theory of modules over theory of rings


  • algebra and number theory;
  • mathematical basics of information security.