Web-technologies and computer modeling department

Department history

The Department was established in September 1973 with a great support of the University’s Rector Professor Sikorski V., Academician Krylov V. and the Dean of the Mathematical faculty Gusak A.

Till the year 2010 the Department was named “Numerical Methods and Programming” and now it’s known as “Web-Technologies and Computer Simulation” due to a number of new scientific directions have spread ever since and become more popular among the researchers.

The first employees of the Department were Monastyrnyi P., Sheshko M, Demidovich N, Mastyanitsa V., Plaschinskaya A., Radaeva V., Azarov A., Listopad G., Rasolko G., Cherenkevich Z. Later Paltsev A., Fedenko N, Meleshko I., Yakimenko T worked joined the team.

Since its formation till the year 2002 the Department was headed by Professor Monastyrnyi Peter and currently it’s managed by Associate Professor Romanchik Valery.